Yamaha to supply engines for small aircrafts


Besides motorcycles, Yamaha’s engines also power ATVs and boats. Believe it or not, Yamaha even developed engines for established carmakers in the world, including Ford, Toyota and Volvo. Which means Yamaha powers pretty much everything except for the aircrafts. But that’s about to change, as the company signed an agreement with ShinMaywa Industries to jointly explore the possibilities of adapting the former’s small engines for the next-generation small aircrafts.

ShinMaywa said that it’ll assemble a prototype aircraft powered by a small engine built by Yamaha, which will be used in early-stage flight tests. The joint statement said that both companies will explore possibilities for the commercialization of next-generation small aircrafts.

ShinMaywa has experience building amphibian aircrafts and commercial aircraft components.

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