Traxxas creates a tempting Toyota GR Supra GT4 replica


If you’re one of those who always had your eyes on a Toyota GR Supra but your bank account didn’t quite agree with you, well, Traxxas has good news. It has created a pretty damn good looking 1/10 scale replica of an even better version of the GR Supra, the track-only Supra GT4. It can be yours for a fraction of the real one’s price, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get a “close enough” experience.

The detailing on the bodywork is pretty close to the real one; the body mounts onto the chassis via a clipless mounting system with an integrated quick release latch system. Speaking of the chassis, Traxxas modified its 4-Tec platform into 4-Tec 3.0 with a longer wheelbase and wider tracks specifically for the Supra GT4. Notice the wide racing slicks wrapped to 2.0-inch multi-spoke wheels.

A few more highlights of the replica include adjustable oil-filled shocks, waterproof receiver box, waterproof steering servo, rubber-sealed ball bearings, one-piece driveshafts, and a steel centre driveshaft. While the real Supra GT4 is rear-wheel-drive, the replica Supra GT4 is of course, all-wheel-drive.

Powered by a powerful brushed electric motor, Traxxas’ Supra GT4 can reach speeds of over 30 mph (48+ km/h). The battery pack can be either a 7-cell NiMH or a 2-Cell LiPo (sold separately). Oh yes, we didn’t talk about the price yet. Well, it is $349.99.

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