Rolls-Royce Phantom Orchid heads to Singapore


Rolls-Royce has revealed the one-of-one Phantom Orchid, featuring some bespoke artwork created in collaboration with British artist Helen Amy Murray. The bespoke Phantom is headed to Singapore, where a species of orchid is the city-state’s national flower.

As the name suggests, the Phantom Orchid is all about the orchid flowers; I mean, the artwork. The exterior is finished in Arctic White, but notice that it has a very subtle violet tint—inspired by orchids. Also, the paint has been mixed with fine glass particles through a special process, which makes the car shimmer under a bright light. The coachline on either side of the Phantom incorporates a bespoke, orchid-inspired motif.

But as with any bespoke Phantoms out there, more of the bespoke elements can be found in the cabin of the Phantom Orchid. The Gallery on the dashboard features a hand-sculpted orchid artwork created by a team of 6 led by Murray, who together spent over 200 hours refining the design. Murray started by illustrating the design by hand before creating a digital version that she could print directly onto the silk crepe satin. The final part of the process involved a meticulous hand-sculpting of the flowers, stacking layers of fabric to create a 3D effect.

The orchid-inspired artwork can also be found on the Piano Black veneer of the rear Picnic Tables, and on the bespoke treadplates as well.

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