World’s Longest Car is now even longer

The driver sits at a different postal code, of course.

Florida-based car collector Michael Dezer has managed to not only restore “The American Dream”—billed as the world’s longest car, but also make it even longer than the original and get a Guinness certificate as well. The restored American Dream now measures 100-feet and 1.5-inches long and rides on 26 wheels. It also has a jacuzzi on the outside and a functioning helipad, of course.

Six Cadillac Eldorados were sacrificed for this American Dream. It is so long that you can probably see the front and rear wheels sticking out of the planet from outer space. Although it is technically driveable, you can’t really drive this thing on public roads, for obvious reasons. Which is why the limo will find a place in the Dezerland Park automotive museum in Florida.

Via Motor1

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