Harman Ready Care aims to offer a stress-free driving experience


Connected car and audio solutions provider Harman has announced ‘Ready Care’, a technology that is claimed to offer a distraction-free and stress-free driving experience—powered by newly developed machine learning algorithms.

In simple terms, the technology takes help from in-vehicle cameras and sensors to monitor the driver’s state in real-time and offer intervention strategies to maximize safety if it deems necessary. Remember, Harman is not selling this tech to the end users directly, but to the automotive OEMs to integrate into their vehicles.

An infrared global shutter camera monitors the driver’s face in real-time, especially the driver’s facial expressions, eye gaze, and eyelid openings.. in order to determine if the driver is distracted, and can initiate intervention responses. Another key highlight of this tech is stress-free routing, which as the name suggests, suggests alternate routes to lower driver stress. It takes variables such as traffic jams, weather and toll roads into consideration. And lastly, Ready Care can offer personalized intervention strategies via SDK, allowing OEMs and third parties to integrate any vehicle feature or function—such as HVAC controls, media content and volume, or seat sensors—into the Ready Care solution. For example, the driver’s favorite track could be played to lower his/her stress.

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