2023 Honda EM1 e electric scooter revealed for Europe


Honda has revealed the EM1 e:, billed as the company’s first electric two-wheeler for Europe, scheduled to go on sale in summer 2023. Apparently, the ‘EM’ in the name stands for Electric Moped, and the model is aimed at the “young demographic looking for easy, fun urban transport”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that old people are not allowed to ride the EM1 e:, but you know, Honda just thinks that the scooter is better suited for youngsters.

The EM1 e: features a clean and contemporary styling, with black bits adding the necessary contrast. It has got a fully flat floor—which I think will be appreciated by the food and grocery delivery partners. The foot peg design for the rear rider is also well-thought-out.

As you probably see, the battery pack is removable, which makes it more convenient for the users since they can simply swap for a fully charged one at a swapping station as opposed to spending half an hour at a random charging place. But Honda doesn’t talk about the swapping stations in its official statement; it simply says that you can charge it at home, suggesting that you buy two batteries. I guess if more people in Europe buy this thing then maybe Honda will consider setting up swapping stations.

Honda is yet to share the hub motor’s output figures, but said that the battery pack can deliver a range of over 40 km (25 mi). I know, that’s not even remotely sufficient for a lot of people even to go and come back from office, but I guess you just have to remove the battery and charge it up soon after you reach your office, or, college for that matter.

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