Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato shows off its exterior


As you probably know by now, Lamborghini is baking a jacked-up version of the Huracan called the Huracan Sterrato—which apparently is gonna be just as fun off-road as it will be on the asphalt. The official unveiling ceremony is gonna happen at the Art Basel in Miami, on November 30, 2022, and not in Dubai, or some sh*t like that (sorry guys, I’m not a fan of Dubai or the ME region in general), which is genuinely surprising considering the fact that it is an off-road Huracan. Does that mean that Lamborghini is not recommending good old dune bashing with the Huracan Sterrato?

But anyway, the camouflage has been peeled off its exterior, giving us a better look at the finished product. Or, in other words, those fat wheel arch extensions, the roof rails, the roof scoop, and the rear skid plate now get a better contrast against the exterior body paint. Just to remind, the Sterrato rides 47 mm higher than the EVO, with the car’s approach angle sharpened by 1% and the departure angle enhanced by 6.5%. However, a friendly reminder that the Sterrato still won’t be suitable for rock crawling.


Those nose-mounted additional lights look afterthought; I mean, it looks as if someone got them from a local accessory shop and used some kind of a super-glue to stick them on. But then, by that logic, the whole car itself looks like a German tuner’s bodykit. Either way, I’m fairly confident that the Huracan Sterrato is gonna sell in large quantities, because when you think about it, you get two cars in one, right?

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