Lamborghini Huracán STJ debuts as the last pure V10 farewell


A hybrid successor is expected to debut by the end of 2024

Believe it or not, it has been 10 years since the Lamborghini Huracán succeeded the Gallardo. Indeed, it had some big shoes to fill when it debuted in March 2014, but it exceeded everyone’s expectations by outselling its predecessor by a large percentage. Lamborghini has confirmed that the Huracán successor is in the works and is expected to debut by the end of this year, but before that, there has to be a special send-off, right? Well, this is what it is, the Huracán STJ, “The Last Dance” according to Lamborghini.

As the name suggests, the Huracán STJ is based on the Huracán STO, with the ‘J’ standing for “Jota”. Only 10 units are gonna be built, and most likely, all of them have already been allocated to Lamborghini VIPs. So, what’s special here? Well, the STJ wears an exclusive aerodynamic package developed by Lamborghini Squadra Corse technicians; on the front bumper, you see those additional carbon fiber flics, while the angle of the rear wing has been increased by 3° compared with the STO for a 10% increase in aerodynamic load while keeping the car perfectly balanced.

As for other upgrades, adjustable race-derived shock absorbers replace the standard active components. The shock absorbers are 4-way adjustable to optimize the rebound and compression at both high and low frequencies.


The 5.2L naturally aspirated V10 offers the same 470 kW (640 hp) and 565 Nm (417 lb-ft). The engine is coupled with a 7-speed DCT that sends power to the rear wheels.

Buyers get to choose from two different configuration and livery options curated by Lamborghini Centro Stile. The first combines Grigio Telesto (gray) bodywork with a Nero Noctis (black) roof and Rosso Mars (red) and Bianco Isi (white) details, while the cabin is characterized by Nero Cosmus (black) Alcantara seats with leather details and contrasting Rosso Alala (red) stitching. The second configuration has Blu Eliadi (blue) bodywork with a Nero Noctis (black) roof and Rosso Mars (red) and Bianco Isi (white) details. Both versions also feature a special, numbered carbon fiber plate marked “1 of 10”, of course. In addition, there is the option to add a custom plate on the passenger side as per the customer’s instructions.

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