Barbie Maserati Grecale is a fantasy gift for the US


Automotive collaborations—in most cases—are sensible and understandable ones, such as BMW reaching out to Toyota for fuel cells, or, a carmaker collaborating with a fashion brand to sell co-branded merchandise. But what’s with this Maserati and Barbie doll collaboration?! Well, apparently, it is for a charitable cause. Only two Barbie Maserati Grecale will be produced, both exclusive to the U.S. market, with each costing US$ 330,000; that is over three times the cost of the Grecale Trofeo (US$ 102,500) upon which this is based. A 10% of that money is said to be donated to Barbie Dream Gap Project—which apparently helps girls obtain equal opportunities. At the time of publishing this story, most likely both were already sold.

Facilitating the sale of this strange contraption is luxury retailer Neiman Marcus—because of course, it has a tradition of selling “fantasy gifts”. The Grecale is mostly painted in pink, with subtle touches of Acid Yellow for contrast. The grille, intake surrounds, window surrounds, rocker panels, rear spoiler, diffuser insert, and wheels, are all left in black. However, the Trident logo on the wheels is in Acid Yellow. Also, notice the black Barbie “B” badge on the C-pillar.

The black-themed cabin is contrasted with pink, and for some reason, there are no Acid Yellow touches here. However, the buyers might have customized the interior via Maserati’s Fuoriserie customization program.

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