Maserati Grecale Fuoriserie is a special order from Mars


NASA’s Perseverance rover might still be in search of signs of ancient microbial life on Mars, but apparently, Maserati has already received a special order for the Grecale from the red planet, and it is called the Grecale Fuoriserie.

Now, assuming you didn’t take that seriously, the ‘Fuoriserie‘ is Maserati’s bespoke program where you can customize the body color and materials inside. And the Grecale Fuoriserie serves as an example for that.

The exterior of the car is drenched in a multi-layered Galactic Orange high-gloss paint, complemented with a rather large Trident logo on the C-pillar. The logo has a glitch effect, symbolizing both the rhythm of the waves and information incoming from outer space. The lower part on the side of the body features special graphics with what appears to be a coordinate and time. This one-off Grecale Fuoriserie rides on special Vortex Wheels coated in black, with tyres in grey.

The alien theme continues on the inside as well, with all the displays featuring the Martian terrain and a special “star chart” on the glass roof. The seats feature a design mix inspired by the electric currents on Mars, astronauts’ spacesuits and the latest trends in fashion.

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