Ram 1500 REV electric pickup reservations open


You probably remember seeing the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept at the CES 2023 show last month. Well, what we’re seeing here is the production version of it, and Ram is accepting pre-orders for a refundable deposit of $100. The company expects to commence deliveries in Q4 2024.

The production model attempts to retain the styling elements from the concept, but it holds true mostly for the front fascia. The side profile and the rear-end look significantly different. For example, the window line of the concept dramatically goes up on the rear door to align with the blacked-out roof elements, whereas in the production model, it’s a traditional squared-off approach. The shape of the bed too is different in the concept in order to align with the aforementioned window line. And at the rear, the taillights are much fatter here. However, do note that the wheel design is similar to those of the concept.

Ram didn’t share a ton of details but as you can probably see, the truck has got a fairly usable frunk, a large portrait-style touchscreen, and what appears to be another touchscreen on the passenger side. The rest of the things are your typical pickup truck affair I guess.

As mentioned, the company is yet to share further details on the Ram 1500 REV electric pickup, but you can expect a standard dual-motor AWD powertrain with multiple range options.

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