Rolls-Royce Spectre completes 2 million km testing

Rolls-Royce-Spectre testing

The all-electric Rolls-Royce Spectre might have debuted in mid-October 2022, but the testing began pretty much a year earlier at a special testing facility in Arjeplog, Sweden, just ~55 km (34 mi) from the Arctic Circle. The engineers tested the effects of prolonged extreme cold on the car’s batteries and other electronic systems. With this testing successfully completed, Spectre then spent the summer of 2022 in the sunnier, but no less exacting climes of the French Riviera and around the Côte d’Azur.

This included testing at the historic Autodrome de Miramas proving ground, a former Grand Prix circuit that now offers over 60 km (37 mi) of closed routes and 20 state-of-the-art test track environments. The majority of the testing, however, was conducted in the Provençal countryside, assessing Spectre’s capabilities under real-world conditions in an area where many production cars are likely to spend their lives.

The Spectre is currently undergoing extreme hot weather tests in two locations in South Africa: Augrabies in the Northern Cape and Franschhoek in the Western Cape winelands. The stable yet contrasting climates offer some of the finest summer-weather driving in the world, with dry and extremely hot conditions in the north and more humid, Mediterranean-style conditions in the south. At its hottest, temperatures can exceed 50°C, while the southern region hosts a great variety of surfaces and terrains, including twisting country roads replete with gravel, dust and dirt, the company said.

Of course, the testing also includes fine-tuning the car’s anti-roll stabilisation to ensure that the car delivers the marque’s trademark “Magic Carpet Ride”.

Rolls says that so far the car has done almost 2 million km (1,242,742 mi) of testing across the world, but the plan is to complete more than 2.5 million km (1,553,428 mi), replicating close to 400 years of normal use. Apparently, the final 500,000 km (310,685 mi) of testing will focus on Lifestyle Analysis. This proprietary testing process will see Spectre tested in super-luxury situations and use-cases specific to Rolls-Royce clients, to ensure Spectre performs as required in the centre of global megacities, around new and historical luxury destinations, and in other settings commensurate with owners’ needs, habits and lifestyles, the company added in an official release. Deliveries are expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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