Audi releases software update for Q4 e-tron


Audi has rolled out a software update for both Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron that adds/upgrades certain functionalities. Of course, this is an OTA (over-the-air) update for 2022 models while the 2023 models will roll off the factory floor with the new software.


The software version 3.1 allows users to create personal profiles—which are gonna be useful for sharing the car. And, users can use the e-tron route planner in the myAudi app to plan a route and send it to their Q4 e-tron. The new software version also saves navigation data such as recent destinations. The myAudi app can be used to locate the car’s parking location as well as to check status messages. Should the car break down or be involved in a fender bender, for example, the driver will be able to use Audi’s online roadside assistance.

Battery and charging related
The software update also adds the Preferred Charging Time function that helps owners charge at low-cost times, e.g. at night, with a variable-rate electricity plan. It works by allowing the user to set up a defined charging window. And, timers in the car and the myAudi app make AC charging even more convenient. During preconditioning with the departure timer, the energy that is needed to warm the interior in the winter is directed to the car during charging via an external energy source—for instance, a home Wallbox or a public charging point.

Similarly, the new software’s reworked thermal management system optimizes consumption by taking the outside temperature and the state of charge into account when conditioning the battery.

An improved charging power control system compared with software version 2.3 enables increased DC charging power of up to 135 kW. In addition, users can also opt for the battery protection function, which automatically holds the battery in the ideal state of charge by limiting it to 80%, the company said in an official statement.

The update will also enable the Plug & Charge function together with a charging contract from the Audi charging service. At compatible charging stations, the vehicle automatically authorizes and activates the station when the charging cable is plugged in. Billing is also automatic.

Last but not least, users can personalize the ambient lighting as well as background images shown on the central touchscreen. And, Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa can be used to listen to music, catch up on the latest news, and much more.

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