Porsche Vision 357 Speedster debuts as an e-sister model


Earlier this year, you probably remember seeing the Porsche Vision 357, a concept that paid homage to the 356—while celebrating the company’s 75th birthday. Well, Porsche has chopped the roof off the Vision 357 to create this Vision 357 Speedster, because, of course, a coupe has to have an open-top version these days.

Besides the obvious, there are some other differences, such as that outlet on the bonnet, and if you walk towards the rear, the design of that lower bumper/diffuser element is different. I mean, there are no exhaust pipes here, which is another hint at the fact that the Vision 357 Speedster packs an all-electric powertrain. The primary hint comes from those Miami Blue contrast touches—in the form of quick-release mechanisms, 75th-anniversary logos and a few other small things.

The two-tone paint scheme featured here in the Speedster is different too; the front bumper and fenders/wings are in two grey tones of Marble Grey and Grivelo Grey Metallic, with the latter used on the front wheels too. The 20-inch wheels are made of magnesium and are equipped with carbon fibre hubcaps and central locks.

Porsche didn’t show the interior of the coupe version, but in the Speedster, there’s a tonneau cover on the passenger side, which should be removable in case you need to take a friend along. The CFRP seat shell is integrated into the monocoque, with the driver sitting on Racetex-covered pads. And, as you can see, the dashboard and most of the interior panels are in exposed carbon fibre. Don’t miss that transparent instrument display.

Unlike the 4.0L naturally aspirated six-cylinder boxer engine-powered Vision 357, the Vision 357 Speedster packs an all-electric powertrain, as mentioned already.

Porsche didn’t share too many details, but just said that the (powertrain) technology is based on the 718 GT4 e-performance—which was a follow-up prototype of the Mission R concept that debuted in late 2021. Which means it’s safe to assume that the Vision 357 Speedster also offers a combined power output of up to 800 kW or 1,088 metric hp. The battery pack capacity is also probably the same 65/80 kWh (net/gross).

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