Kia EV3 and EV4 concepts show off their minimalistic cabin


In addition to revealing some details of the EV5 electric SUV, Kia showcased EV3 and EV4 concepts at the ‘Kia EV Day’ – held in Seoul recently. Again, we don’t know exactly when these models are gonna be available or their expected pricing but Kia threw in the following statement:

The brand aims to introduce smaller EVs like the EV5, EV4, and EV3, with prices ranging from $35,000 to $50,000, to accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs.

Also, the company aims to achieve an annual sales target of one million electric vehicles by 2026 and increase it to 1.6 million units per year by 2030, driven by the products and initiatives revealed at the event.

Let’s start with the EV3 concept then, shall we? Kia didn’t share a lot of information, obviously, but classifies the EV3 as a “compact CUV”, which apparently blends practicality with the sheer joy of driving. The design language is very similar to EV5 and EV9 with boxy/geometrical shapes and straight/angular lines. Also, notice that the concept has no visible door handles/flaps, but the production model will most likely get flush door handles like those of the EV5 and EV9. The wheel design is also rather strange with Lego-like structures, but the production version will most likely look better. Maybe it’s just me but the exterior design gives me a bit of XC40 vibes, more so in this paint finish.

The interior follows the minimalistic approach taken by the aforementioned bigger siblings. It looks even more minimalistic here. I’m not sure where the air vents are, but probably it’s that textured grille that starts right next to the steering wheel. There’s no shortage of storage spaces or space to stretch, obviously. The cabin has a calm and soothing theme, and the upholstery used is probably recycled stuff – as is the case with EVs and EV concepts these days.

There’s also the EV4 concept, as mentioned earlier. This one appears to be one of those coupe-SUV contraptions, but Kia suggests that the EV4 might be a fastback sedan. But either way, I kinda like it from the front-three-quarter angles. While most of the vehicle’s design looks simple and minimalistic, the rear-end is where it looks a bit busy, especially with that split roof spoiler and that ducktail spoiler on the tailgate, but otherwise, it looks pretty cool.

Inside, the color theme is different from that of the EV3, but if you look carefully, the design is also a bit different. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but apparently, the designers have placed an air conditioning control panel that can be neatly stored in the center console when not in use and created pin-style air vents that offer the flexibility to change patterns. Materials used in the cabin include 100% recycled cotton, madder roots and walnut shells.

There’s no technical information available on either of these, but I guess the focus currently is on the design, efficient use of space and sustainable material choices.

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