Kia EV9 production version shows off its sophisticated styling


Let me Tell U about this futuristic Ride.

You probably remember seeing the Kia EV9 concept at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show. Well, now it’s time for the production version to squirt its electron juice all over (I mean, metaphorically) with its style and substance. Availability and pricing information is not available just yet, because Kia has done only a partial reveal today—as is the case with most new Kias these days. However, a full reveal is expected at the end of March 2023.

We mostly have its design to talk about today, which I think is not a bad thing at all. Speaking of which, the production model retains most of the design elements from the concept; I mean, the shape of the front light signatures; the bumper design with silver-ish garnish; the creases on the side; the light signature at the rear… you get the idea, right? The wheels are also production iteration of the concept wheels.

Kia calls the front fascia the ‘Digital Tiger Face’, because there are a lot of lights—some of which are hidden, and they all perform a sophisticated lighting animation. Watch the video clip above to understand.

On the inside then, it’s a mix of sophistication and minimalism, but it is also about a generous amount of space and creature comforts—as you might expect from a large electric SUV such as this. For example, both the first- and second-row seats can recline when the EV9 is charging, plus, the second-row seats can also swivel 180 degrees to face the third-row occupants. The third-row occupants are served with cup holders and charging points, which are always a welcome addition. A 7-seat version will also be available, which will not have these fancy swively seats.

And of course, there have to be giant displays on the dashboard; sitting right in the middle of two 12.3-inch displays is a 5-inch display for seat and climate functionalities. You can also probably notice hidden type touch buttons underneath the central touchscreen. Yup, I don’t like carmakers getting rid of physical buttons but sadly, that’s the (wrong) direction things are going. Apparently, the designers wanted to ensure that physical buttons are kept to a minimum.


As mentioned, this is a partial reveal. Which means, the technical specifications and the numbers we are all actually interested in, are reserved for another date—which is not too far from now. But in the meantime, enjoy the looks of the car!

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