Lamborghini LB744 shows off its carbon fibre monofuselage


Billed as the “first super sports car with front structure in 100% forged composites”

As you know, the ‘fuselage’ is a term normally used in the aviation industry; it’s the main body of an aircraft where the passengers and crew occupy. And, as you also might know, a ‘monocoque’ is an automotive term that refers to an automotive chassis that combines the floor and the upper body frame into a single shell. For the Aventador successor (codenamed LB744)—which is due for reveal in just a few weeks from now—Lamborghini is using what it calls a ‘monofuselage’.

The LB744’s so-called “monofuselage” is essentially a fancy term for a new, aeronautics-inspired carbon fibre monocoque. The front structure of this monofuselage comprises forged composites that are made of short carbon fibers soaked in resin. Apparently, Lamborghini has been holding a patent for this technology for a long time now.

The monofuselage is claimed to offer a significant step forward from the Aventador in terms of torsional stiffness, lightweight benefits and driving dynamics. If you’re interested in the numbers, the LB744 monofuselage is claimed to be 10% lighter than the Aventador chassis, with the front frame being 20% lighter than its aluminum predecessor. The torsional stiffness has also been improved with 40,000 Nm/°, up 25% compared with the Aventador.

The rear structure of the chassis is made of high-strength aluminum alloys and features two important hollow castings in the rear dome area: these integrate the rear suspension’s shock towers and powertrain suspension into a single component with a closed inertia profile, claimed to ensure a significant reduction in weight, an increase in rigidity and a substantial reduction in welding lines.

Lamborghini mentions in its official statement that the LB744 is gonna be its “first hybrid plug-in V12 High Performance Electrified Vehicle (HPEV)”. Which means that the V12 is confirmed to live-on for some more years. Also, you can probably notice the battery pack positioned right in between the two occupants. But anyway, let’s wait for the full reveal.

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