INEOS Fusilier will also be tested on Schöckl mountain


Following the launch of the Defender-inspired Grenadier in 2022, Ineos Automotive has now unveiled the Fusilier. And no, there won’t be any prices for guessing where its inspiration came from, but the company plans to launch this new 4×4 SUV with two powertrain options: all-electric and a range-extender electric. As with the Grenadier, the Fusilier has been developed in collaboration with Magna Steyr.

Visually, the Fusilier looks like a certain country’s copy of a G-Wagon, but that’s only when you view it from the front-three-quarter angles. From rear-three-quarter angles, it looks like something else, thanks to a split tailgate design and the lack of a tailgate-mounted spare wheel. Also, notice on the side that the rear quarter glass is smaller in height compared with the other two window glasses.

But either way, I think it looks pretty cool, and will appeal to its target audience. Ineos said that the development process will also include a rigorous testing programme on Austria’s Schöckl mountain, close to Magna’s assembly facility in Graz.

No further details are available, but as mentioned, the Fusilier won’t be powered by BMW straight-six engines. One option is gonna be a BEV and the other will be a range-extender electric.

As we developed this vehicle, we quickly concluded that in order to move towards decarbonization but continue making cars that consumers want to drive, we need a mix of powertrain technologies. BEVs are perfect for certain uses: shorter trips and urban deliveries, but industry and governments need to have realistic expectations around other technologies that can help accelerate the necessary pace of change. That is the reason we are offering an additional powertrain for the Fusilier, one that dramatically reduces emissions but has the range and refueling capabilities needed. – Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman, Ineos

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