Driven: Mercedes-Benz GLC, GLE and GLS off-road

Mercedes-Benz GLC off-road

Here’s a question. How many owners would like to take their SUVs like these off-road? Not many? I would say almost none of them. That’s because they aren’t sure how good their SUVs perform off-road. Are these SUVs capable of handling some harsh terrain like climbing a steep incline, hill descent, crossing a slippery path, axle twisting manoeuvres, or, are they just good for school run? In order to clarify these doubts, Mercedes-Benz dealer Sundaram Motors invited us and some of its customers for an off-road adventure event, just outside Bengaluru to showcase and experience their SUV line up’s off-road capabilities.

The SUVs involved are GLC, GLE and the big daddy the GLS. The 4Matic SUVs with their several off-roading features and driving modes like off-road, incline and slippery, which is selected via “Dynamic Select” rotary switch, took on some serious terrains without breaking a sweat. Downhill Speed Regulation (DSR) feature also came handy. Surpisingly, the GLA too did some impressive off-roading. Don’t believe me? Checkout some pics below. Photography by Akash

Mercedes-Benz GLC interior off-road

Started off with the GLC. “Off-road” mode already on in the infotainment system! 🙂 Scroll down for more pics.

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GLC Off-Road Video

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