From now, Chinese visitors to Mercedes-Benz Museum can Alipay


Apparently, the August 08 is an auspicious day according to Chinese tradition. From that day, Mercedes-Benz Museum began accepting Alipay payments – a subsidiary of Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group.

Chinese visitors to the Museum will have the chance to enjoy a more convenient and cashless visit and shopping experience with Alipay, finishing payments within seconds for both tickets and merchandise in the museum shop, said the company. Transactions in the Museum will be initiated in EUR and billed in RMB to the consumers Alipay account. The currency conversion is done by Alipay.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum documents over 130 years of automobile history, complete from the very first day, with 160 vehicles and more than 1,500 exhibits on display on nine levels. In 2016, the largest number of foreign visitors to the museum, at around 10 percent, was from China, as was the eight-millionth visitor to the museum on February 14 this year.

By introducing Alipay, Mercedes-Benz Museum became the first German automotive museum to introduce this popular mobile payment service.

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