Datsun redi Go – A better Datsun?

Now Datsun learned that very cheap looking cars won’t sell. The Go didn’t even have an extra button to control the passenger window. It was that terribly stripped down. So it has decided to give it another shot, this time with a seemingly better product. Let’s start with the good bits. This “tall boy design” as Datsun likes to call it, makes getting in and out very easy. Also, the seating position is quite high which helps in overall visibility.

The obvious part is, the redi Go is built on the same platform as Kwid, and also shares the same 800 cc engine. Numbers are the same too. Good thing is, even with the AC turned on, the car pulls off nice and easy without any problem. Which surprised me because I was expecting otherwise. It’s worth mentioning that the AC is quite powerful as well. There’s also a useful MID display with gear shift indicator.

Sadly that’s where the good things end. The legroom and headroom is good but the travel range of the front seats are somewhat limited so that the rear passengers can feel more comfortable. The top-end model gets a toyish looking music system without Bluetooth connectivity; you might wanna go for an aftermarket upgrade. And the exposed metal all over the car, to be honest, looks really cheap. Thankfully, you can get it black painted (with other shades), which is quite acceptable.

So, if you’re on a tight budget, and planning for the redi Go, then go for the top-end trim with the optional airbag, which makes the car a whole lot better. Watch the video embedded above, and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already. Thanks for watching.

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