Airbags, parking sensors to be mandatory from October 2017


The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a draft notification on Wednesday, which states that the carmakers in India will have to include airbags, vehicle reverse gear sensors (assuming they’re talking about parking sensors), speed warning systems and seatbelt reminder system as a standard equipment from October 2017. However, there isn’t any mention of how many airbags.

The draft by road transport and highways ministry also mentions that the Speed alert system will have to warn vehicles if they exceed 80 km per hour and then a continuous audio alert if speed exceeds 100 kmph. The Govt says this move is to ensure that the cars sold in India are on par with those sold globally as far as safety parameters are concerned. The government has also sought comments from the auto companies for the same. A timeline has been set for auto companies that they would have to abide by. According to the government’s rough estimate, including these two features would add 10% to the cost of the base model.

The government also plans to set up its own safety authority, Bharat National Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), which will rate vehicles on safety. There will be a rating system for cars based on fuel efficiency as well. Bharat NCAP will also mandate the front of the vehicle be designed in such a way that injury to pedestrians is minimised.

The road transport and highways ministry has set October 2017 as the deadline for new model cars to pass minimum frontal and side crash tests besides pedestrian protection tests. The frontal crash tests will be at 64 kmph, while the speed norm set for side crash tests is 50 kmph.

Source: ETAuto

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