Volkswagen develops Media Control app for passengers


‘Flipper’, ‘zapper’, ‘doo-dad’ or just plain ‘remote’, call your remote control whatever you want, says VW. Passengers in many new Volkswagen cars can now use their smartphone or a tablet to switch between music tracks being played in the car, turn the volume up and do a host of other things.

VW cars equipped with the latest Discover Navigation or Discover Navigation Pro infotainment systems are compatible with the Volkswagen Media Control app. Besides changing the tracks, the passengers can fiddle with the balance and fade, all via a WLAN connection.

Additionally, Media Control gives the passengers access to many of the infotainment system’s features. From viewing the current position of the car to seeing how long the remaining journey will be, plus entering a destination into the navigation program, it is all covered. Flicking between radio stations on the smartphone screen or making a phone call via the speakers and microphone built-in to the car, can be done as well.

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