We all know that Indian roads are unpredictable isn’t it?


Everyone was actually laughing when the Indian transport minister Nitin Gadakari said that the government will not allow “self-driving cars” in order to “protect jobs”. They were laughing because they all knew that the Indian road conditions are extremely unpredictable even for autonomous cars.

From potholes to unscientifically made humps, jaywalkers, stray animals, road-side parked vehicles, shoddy pipeline laying works and what not. Jaywalkers can be extremely annoying, most of the times you just cannot pass a road without pressing the brake pedal at least 25 times. They jaywalk right underneath a bridge meant to cross the road.

And about a month ago, my car’s tyre and wheel got damaged due to a hump that i couldn’t see.

You simply can’t go fast in the city even on a ring road with an empty stretch ahead of you, because you may end up going over a jaywalker. They’ll be hiding beside a tree on the median and you’ll never know.

We all know this isn’t it? Yet, some decide to become D-heads anyway. At this point, there is no information on what speed the KTM rider was. He probably didn’t care to slow down and be cautious when he approached the village. When the city roads are so unpredictable, you need to be extra cautious near a village. Ride at 20 km/h until you cross the village.

Or go find a f*king race track instead.

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