Tada explains why new Supra borrows engine too from BMW


Understandably, the Supra fans aren’t happy with the Big T borrowing the engine too from BMW. But, there’s a reason which according to the Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada, has to do with the type of the engine.

You see, the Supra always had a straight-six engine which according to Tada, is the model’s identity. “So what?!” You might ask. The problem is, Toyota no longer makes straight-six engines. Apparently, the straight-six is the only engine with perfect balance and low vibration. The newly developed engine uses several technologies to improve performance and mainly, it complies with the stringent Euro 6 emission norms.

The new Supra is a joint development, in case you missed the story so far. Meaning, the new Supra and the new BMW Z4 will share the underpinnings, transmission and few more components. Both will be produced by the contract manufacturer Magna Steyr.

However, Tada and chief test driver Herwig Daenens have tuned the chassis and engine to their own tastes. The car boasts a 50:50 front-rear weight distribution. The new Supra will hit the markets in the first half of 2019.

Source: Toyota, ANE

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