COVID-19: carmakers extend production suspension

Volkswagen Zwickau plant

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the globe, the carmakers are left in limbo. Many are forced to extend their production suspension until further notice.

Volkswagen has announced that its German plants of the passenger car brand, commercial vehicles and group components will remain shut until April 19, 2020. The reason is, of course, the continued fall in demand for vehicles and the challenges still faced by the supply chain.

Ford on the other side, is unsure of resuming the production. The company had originally planned to restart production on April 6 at Hermosillo Assembly Plant and on April 14 at other U.S. plants. The new dates are yet to be decided. As with many other carmakers around the globe, Ford is producing ventilators. Rawsonville Components Plant will start producing Model A-E ventilators from April 20, in collaboration with GE Healthcare, supported by paid volunteer UAW workers.

Nissan too has announced that its manufacturing facilities in the U.S. will remain closed through late April 2020, however, some business-essential work will be carried out with enhanced safety measures.

At the time of publishing this story, the United States stands at the top with over 189,500 confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 4,000 deaths. Italy has recorded the highest number of deaths (12,400+) followed by Spain (9,000+).

Sports car/supercar makers have also suspended production at the moment. Aston Martin said that it would suspend production till April 20, however, that may extend depending on the situation.

As for China, the official confirmed cases stands at 81,500+, which is a lot less compared to the cases recorded in Europe and North America. What also remains unexplained are the recovered cases of over 76,000+. While it is good news that so many have recovered, it raises some obvious questions. Have they found a cure? Are they hiding something?

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