Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon watch showcases the art of engineering

Like me, if you too appreciate analog watches with intricate details, you’re gonna love this one. NYC-based jewelry and watchmaker Jacob & Co. has created the ‘Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon’, which houses a miniature replica of the Chiron‘s massive W16 engine.

Obviously, it’s not just a static replica, the pistons move up and down to rotate the crankshaft. What’s more? It even has two tiny turbochargers for additional drama. There are a total of 578 components, in case you’re wondering.

The parts don’t always move though. It’s an animation for about 20 seconds when you press a small button on the third crown. To wind the animation barrel, the centre crown must be rotated anti-clockwise.

The miniature engine sits on a chassis/base plate that has suspension at all four corners. Indeed, this timepiece really pushes the engineering limits, just like the Chiron itself.

Jacob & Co. says that the potential buyers don’t need to have an actual Chiron in his/her garage to own the Tourbillon. However, it’ll be produced in limited numbers. The colors are of course, customizable.

Make some time and watch the videos above, they’re amazing.

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