Bugatti returns to Molsheim workshop


The automotive industry is slowly returning to work after a long, temporary suspension of production activities. It is much easier for boutique carmakers such as Bugatti who produce cars in limited numbers with a relatively small number of employees. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 pandemic will forever change the way things are done around the world and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a boutique carmaker or a carmaker with a 6-digit monthly sales.


As for Bugatti, the brand has setup specific guidelines for the employees returning to the Molsheim site. Each one of them will be given their own protective face mask on arrival, which must be worn at all times on the premises including the work areas. A safety distance of 1.5 metres is also maintained and specified rules for washing hands are followed.


Furthermore, employees will be required to clean their tools thoroughly before and after use.

Contactless processing of incoming and outgoing goods wherever possible, as well as reduction of deliveries, are also part of the new normal. Meetings will continue via Skype.

“With the help of the safety measures that we have put in place, we are finally making cars by hand again,” said Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti.

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