Porsche Taycan Turbo S gets faster sprint times and Smartlift function


The highly acclaimed Taycan 4-door EV is yet to complete a year, but Porsche has decided to update it anyway. The updates for the Taycan Turbo S include faster sprint times, a head-up display, and new chassis systems.

The faster sprint times are probably not going to matter for 99% of the users, but for that 1% who care, the Taycan Turbo S is now claimed to sprint from 0-200 km/h (0-124 mph) in 9.6 seconds, thus undercutting the previous time by 0.2 seconds. It covers the quarter-mile in 10.7 seconds, which is 0.1 second faster compared to the previous 10.8 seconds.

The second update is the optional color head-up display. It has been neatly organized into the main display section, status section and a section to show temporary content, such as calls or voice control commands. A navigation display, power meter and a user-defined view can also be selected as presets.

Another update is a new ‘Smartlift’ function — installed as standard — that works with the adaptive air suspension. The Taycan can be programmed so that it automatically raises in certain, recurring sections, for instance at speed bumps or on garage driveways. Porsche said that the Smartlift function can also actively influence the vehicle’s driving height on motorways by adjusting the vehicle’s level to the best possible compromise between efficiency and driving comfort.

Faster on-board charger
Porsche is now offering a 22 kW on-board AC charger as optional equipment. With this unit, the battery is claimed to charge in around half the time it takes the standard 11 kW AC charger.

With Functions on Demand (FoD), Taycan owners can purchase various convenience and assist functions as required, thanks to over-the-air updates. The functions include Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM), Power Steering Plus, Active Lane Keep Assist and Porsche InnoDrive.

The Active Lane Keep Assist and InnoDrive are priced at €19.50 per month or €808.10 as a full purchase. The InnoDrive adapts the speed to the conditions ahead, such as speed limits, bends, roundabouts, and situations where you have to give way or stop. The PIRM is priced at €10.72 a month or €398.69 as a full purchase. The Power Steering Plus is available as a full purchase for €320.71.

More colors
The 2021 model year Taycan offers 7 new exterior colors: Mahogany Metallic, Frozenberry Metallic, Cherry Metallic, Coffee Beige Metallic, Chalk, Neptune Blue and Ice Grey Metallic. The Carbon Sport Design package with carbon fibre elements is available for all Taycan versions.

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