Kia to develop a military ATV based on Mohave chassis


Kia is working with the Korean military to develop a few military vehicles, with a goal to deploy them from 2024. The company said that it’ll start manufacturing prototypes of mid-sized vehicles within this year and take the test evaluations by the Korean government in 2021.

Kia will develop a standard platform for 2.5- and 5-ton military vehicles, which will replace the vehicles currently in operation. The plan is also to develop a new 5-ton bulletproof vehicle.

The vehicles will be powered by a high-torque 7.0-litre diesel engine paired with an automatic transmission. Features would include a satellite navigation, Around View Monitor, Rear Parking Assist, ABS and Anti-Spin Regulator (ASR).


Also, Kia said that it has developed a concept for its new military all-terrain vehicle (ATV), and plans to introduce a prototype early next year. It’ll be based on the Mohave SUV chassis, and will not only be deployed for military purposes but also for industrial and leisure sectors.

Furthermore, Kia said that the company is conducting research to apply EV, autonomous driving and hydrogen fuel cell technologies to military vehicles.

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