Audi begins series-production of e-tron GT


As Porsche Taycan achieves a big sales success, Audi obviously can’t wait to start selling its version, the e-tron GT. After building a few prototypes in October, Audi has now commenced series-production of its all-electric 4-door coupe at the Böllinger Höfe site in Neckarsulm, Germany.

Audi claims its Böllinger Höfe site to be carbon-neutral due to various measures taken at the facility. The heat and electricity required for production come from biogas. Also, the rail traffic at the Neckarsulm site which transports the components, are either powered by CNG or electric drives. In addition, the raw materials are recycled at the site, too. An example is “Aluminum Closed Loop”, where the aluminum sheet offcuts are reused.

Interestingly, Böllinger Höfe is the same facility where the R8 is being built. Notice the R8 in front of the e-tron GT in one of the photos above.

Following in the footsteps of the Brussels and Győr sites, the Böllinger Höfe is now the first Audi production facility in Germany where production operations are net carbon-neutral. This is an important milestone for the Neckarsulm site and another step along our path to carbon-neutral production sites worldwide by 2025. – Peter Kössler, Audi Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics

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