Lexus reveals Direct4 system for electrified vehicles

Lexus is all set to reveal a new concept in the first quarter of 2021, but before that, the luxury marque has revealed the ‘Direct4’, which according to the company, is a new electric drive control system designed for its next-generation Battery Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

In a BEV chassis, for example, the front and rear are e-axles, where the motor is directly connected to the wheels by a single driveshaft, and the Direct4 controller can vary the torque distribution as per the driver’s wishes. The same applies to HEVs; here, the front has a combination of ICE, e-motor and transmission, while the rear is an e-axle. The controller can make the vehicle an FWD, AWD (front-rear 50-50) or almost an RWD with up to 80% torque sent to the rear. Watch the video embedded above, explained by Chief Engineer Takashi Watanabe, to understand better.

The new concept Lexus is planning to reveal in 2021 is probably an evolved version of the LF-30 concept we saw in 2019.

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