Dacia Bigster concept debuts with Renault’s new strategy


Dacia Bigster to give company to the Duster?

One of the four business units Renault created as part of its ‘Renaulution’ strategy is Dacia-Lada; the latter is for the Russian market, in case you’re wondering. The move is to enable access to the Alliance’s CMF-B platform for both brands and to keep the costs in check. As for Dacia, the first vehicle under this new strategy is the Bigster concept.

While the Bigster looks pretty big, according to Dacia, it belongs to the C-segment in Europe, measuring 4.6 metres long. As for the styling, it borrows Dacia’s latest design language such as the Y-shaped running light signatures we saw in the new Sandero and Logan cars not too long ago. Its side profile might remind you of the Duster. The designers have tried to add some drama with those flared wheel arches and muscular rear haunches.


Dacia will stay Dacia, always offering a trustworthy, authentic, best value-for-money proposition to smart buyers. With the creation of the Dacia-Lada business unit, we’ll leverage to the full the CMF-B modular platform, boost our efficiency and further increase our product’s competitiveness, quality and attractiveness. We’ll have everything we need to bring the brands to higher lands, with the Bigster Concept leading the way. – Denis Le Vot, CEO Dacia and Lada brands


No bells and whistles, no chrome trim or imitation-aluminium, the Bigster Concept is a genuine vehicle made with genuine principles, such as the choice to use only raw recycled plastics for all exterior protective panels.

Dacia might offer hybrid and full-electric options on the production model. As for the Russian market, well, the Bigster might get Lada-specific styling revisions.

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