Renault Mobilize EZ-1 debuts with swappable battery system


Renault has created a new business unit called ‘Mobilize’ for shared mobility business and energy services. The first vehicle under the new brand is this EZ-1 Prototype, which kinda looks like Twizy’s successor.

Designed for shared use, the EZ-1 measures 2.3 metres long with a similar footprint as the Twizy. Unlike the Twizy, the prototype features full, top-to-bottom glass doors; however, it remains to be seen if the doors make it to the production version as well. Apparently, it can seat two people. The most important part of the vehicle design is the battery exchange system on the sill/platform, where the drained battery packs can be swapped for recharged ones — a nifty feature indeed.


Since the EZ-1 is designed for urban shared mobility, its technical specifications probably don’t matter; you can expect its performance figures more or less similar to the Twizy. Renault said that the vehicle comprises 50% recycled materials and it will be 95% recyclable at the end of its life.


Users can unlock the vehicle via a smartphone app, obviously, and Renault said that the users will only pay for what they use, either for time or mileage.

Mobilize EZ-1 Prototype is a mobility device that will blend in with the city. Agile, dynamic and inclusive, it is emblematic of the new Mobilize brand. It accompanies users in their lifestyle change towards more efficient and responsible mobility. – Patrick Lecharpy, Design Director, Mobilize

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