Harman’s new concepts will keep you occupied in downtimes


Connected car technology and premium audio systems provider Harman has revealed three new concepts for CES 2021, which will be a virtual event this time, for obvious reasons. You might have heard of the car being a “third living space” (after home and work) that many carmakers want to achieve; Harman’s new concepts are also based on that idea. Harman calls them ExPs (experience concepts).

Gaming Intense Max
The first one is called Harman ExP Gaming Intense Max, and as you might have guessed, it is to fill downtimes such as waiting on friends, an appointment, or kids at school. Instead of gaming on smartphones, Harman wants you to utilize their OLED and QLED displays and audio technologies that reduce echo and background noise for a full immersive experience.


Creator Studio
The Harman ExP Creator Studio, as the name implies, transforms the vehicle into a creative space. Apparently, it offers a premium in-studio recording experience with the ability to edit content via controls on the steering wheel. There’ll also be automatic background noise reduction to ensure clear audio. In addition, the audio headrests extend for a full immersive experience, while audio levels automatically adjust to create an optimal balance. Not just that, the interior lighting is set to its most flattering mode, while multiple cameras record the best angle based on head movement and activity. When all is done, a virtual assistant can even give the video a title and cover image.

Drive-Live Concert
The third and final concept is Harman ExP Drive-Live Concert, which aims to bring all the energy of a live performance right into the car, be it a drive-in or virtual concert. According to the company, its premium audio, 5G capabilities and cloud services can make the car anyone’s favorite concert venue.

What’s more, with Drive-Live, the artists can see the interactions and respond right back. Inside the vehicle, the steering wheel retracts to open up more space to enjoy the show, while the main display extends to provide amazing visuals. At the same time, the headrests automatically move forward enabling incredible, immersive audio. In-vehicle lighting also synchronizes with the music, while the integrated in-vehicle platform enables full personalization of your concert experience. Outside, the rear display and exterior speakers rise, creating a perfect environment for the music to move the audience.


At Harman we believe cars should be for living, not just driving. With the addition of our new Harman ExPs, we’re transforming the car into a ‘third space’ that delivers the experiences consumers demand, and delights with meaningful moments of magic. What differentiates Harman from others is that we leverage our deep understanding of consumer needs and in-vehicle preferences, while also doubling down on Harman’s experience-driven approach instead of focusing solely on individual technologies, OEMs will benefit from advanced personalization and technological synergies, while drivers will enjoy a connected experience built purposefully for their needs. – Christian Sobottka, Executive Vice President & President, Harman Automotive division

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