First Lamborghini BEV to arrive in the second half of the decade


Lamborghini has announced “Direzione Cor Tauri”. No, that’s not the name of the brand’s future electric vehicle, but is a roadmap towards electrification. ‘Tauri’ (officially known as Aldebaran) refers to the brightest star in the Taurus constellation, and for Lamborghini, it means that while its future is gonna be electrified, it’ll remain faithful to its “bull” DNA. I know, that’s a lot to take in, but let’s get straight to the main story.

Cor Tauri or Lamborghini’s roadmap comprises three phases:

Celebrating the combustion engine (2021-2022)
The first one is called “celebrating the combustion engine” and as the title suggests, it is sort of like looking back at the brand’s recent past before bidding a big goodbye. What does that actually mean? Well, the Sian which kicked off Lamborghini’s electrification journey in 2019, won’t be the last V12 Lamborghini, as there’ll be two new V12 cars coming up later in 2021. This “celebration” might last only for a year. Interestingly, there’s no official word on a new V8 car despite the Urus being a very successful model in Lamborghini’s portfolio.

Hybrid transition
The second phase is transitioning into hybridization. Lamborghini plans to launch its first series-production hybrid car in 2023, and by the end of 2024, the entire range will be electrified. During this phase, the engineers will figure out ways to use more carbon fibre to compensate for the hybrid components’ added weight. The company has also set an internal target to cut product CO2 emissions by 50% by early 2025. As part of this hybrid transition plan, Lamborghini has allocated more than €1.5 billion.

First fully-electric Lamborghini
In the second half of this decade, maybe in late 2025, Lamborghini will debut its first fully-electric vehicle. Lamborghini says that a fourth fully-electric model will be that brightest star the company is dreaming of.

Lamborghini’s electrification plan is a newly-plotted course, necessary in the context of a radically changing world, where we want to make our contribution by continuing to reduce environmental impact through concrete projects. Our response is a plan with a 360-degree approach, encompassing our products and our Sant’Agata Bolognese location, taking us towards a more sustainable future while always remaining faithful to our DNA. – Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO, Automobili Lamborghini

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