India’s first Tesla Model 3 lands in Bengaluru


Nope, Tesla has not yet set up a shop in India. The company had only registered a subsidiary in Bengaluru earlier this year and a Model 3 test mule was spotted in Pune last month. Other than that, both Tesla and Elon Musk still remain tight-lipped about their India plans. Which is probably why an automobile enthusiast with some fancy cars in his collection decided to privately import a Model 3.

It’s a dual-motor AWD Long Range variant as you can tell from the photos. In America, this variant carries a purchase price of $48,990 (excluding any incentives) which translates to INR 36.52 lakh at current exchange rates. However, considering India’s exorbitant import duties, this individual must have paid more than double the purchase price.

The Model 3 Long Range is claimed to offer a range of up to 568 km (353 mi). Official performance figures include a 0-96.5 km/h (60 mph) sprint time of 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 233 km/h (145 mph).

Photos: @TeslaClubIN

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