Citroën ë-C4 holds 8% segment share in Europe


Citroën is happy to share that the 3rd gen C4 has achieved a respectable market share in Europe. In France, between July and August, the C4 was positioned ahead of the VW Golf, with a 19% share in the private segment. In Spain, its country of manufacture, the C4 takes second place in the compact hatchback segment, behind the Toyota Corolla, with a segment share of 9.5%. In Portugal, Citroën’s new compact takes the third position, with a segment share of nearly 12%. Elsewhere in Europe, the C4 stands out in Italy and Belgium in particular, where it is ranked sixth in its category.

As for the ë-C4, it accounts for about 15% of total C4 registrations in Europe. In the Netherlands, ë-C4 registrations account for 38% of total C4s, 27% in Germany and 20.5% in the UK. In France, the ë-C4 registrations account for 10.2% of total C4 registrations—a figure that is growing each month, Citroën said. After 6 months on the market, the ë-C4 ranks third in the compact electric hatchback segment in Europe, with a segment share of 8%, behind VW ID.3 and Nissan Leaf. The EV holds a respectable segment share as well: second in Spain, with 28.5% of registrations in the C-segment for electric hatchbacks, third in France with a 22% segment share and third in Italy with a 14.6% segment share.

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