Rivian has built 56 R1Ts as of October 22


Testing the waters?

Rivian started production of its highly-acclaimed R1T pickup truck on September 14, 2021, and according to a new document filed with the SEC, the startup has built 56 units as of October 22, 2021, and has delivered 42 units. Which means at present, Rivian is building at a speed of two units a day and it’s probably safe to assume that by the end of today, the total number of units built would be 60. And reportedly, most of these are employee/investor orders. Which also means that Rivian is yet to commence full-scale production if it needs to fulfill several thousand orders from the general public it has received so far.

It appears that Rivian is taking time and evaluating its manufacturing process with employee and investor orders initially, before flooring the pedal on production. The SEC document also reveals that Rivian is planning to commence the production of the R1S SUV in December, following the completion of all the necessary testing and validation.

In the commercial segment, Rivian is planning to launch a version of the delivery van that was designed in collaboration with Amazon. Amazon, one of the main backers of the startup, has placed an initial order of 100,000 vans and has already commenced delivering stuff as part of a pilot program.

Sources: SEC, Rivian Forum

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