Software update for 2019/2020 Audi e-tron adds 20 km more range


Back in November 2019, Audi managed to extract 25 km (15.5 mi) more range out of the e-tron SUV, thanks to some hardware and software updates. But there’s good news for those who own older models; I mean the units built between mid-September 2018 (model year 2019) and the end of November 2019 (model year 2020). A software update—among other improvements—expands the usable capacity of the 95 kWh battery pack from 83 kWh to 86 kWh, which therefore translates into an increased range. How much? Well, Audi claims 20 more km (12.5 mi).

The software can be updated free of charge at Audi service centres. In addition to enhancing the battery capacity, the software update optimizes the operation of the front electric motor. In normal driving mode, the rear motor is solely responsible for propulsion. It is only when the driver demands more power, the front motor comes into play. The update also improves cooling. The thermal management system, which consists of four separate circuits, is said to regulate the temperature of the high-voltage components even more efficiently.

Modifying the control system made it possible to reduce the volume flow rates in the coolant circuit, thus reducing energy consumption. The cooling system is the basis for fast DC charging, long battery life, and consistent driving performance, even under high loads.

Audi is also happy to share that by this spring it had already sold more than 100,000 units of e-tron SUV, and in Norway, the model was even the best-selling car across all drive types last year.

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