Watch Rivian R1T tackle the infamous Hells Gate in Moab

The Hells Gate in Moab, Utah, is where specially modified or purpose-built Jeeps, trucks and off-roaders go to test out their rock-crawling capabilities. Sure, sometimes vehicles that were never built to do something like that go there and attempt to climb the hill and end up getting their bumpers yanked off, but that’s a different story. But apparently, you can take the stock Rivian R1T and tackle the Hells Gate, as demonstrated in the video above. We already know that Rivian R1T is an impressive product, but this takes that impressiveness factor to a whole new level, quite literally.

Given the fact that it has got quad motors, over 800 hp, independent air suspension with over 6-inches of travel, active damping, and electro-hydraulic roll control system, this isn’t all that surprising, but still, very impressive electric truck.

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