Bugatti & Champagne Carbon reveal La Bouteille Noire in a high-tech case


After producing a special champagne for Bugatti’s 110th birthday in 2018, Bugatti and Champagne Carbon have teamed up one more time to create a one-of-one ‘La Bouteille Noire’—inspired by—you guessed it—La Voiture Noire. It is unclear if this one was commissioned by La Voiture Noire’s owner or is being delivered to them.

But anyway, this time, the hand-crafted carbon fibre champagne bottle is accompanied by an equally spectacular carbon fibre case—inspired by the lines of La Voiture Noire. While the 15-litre bottle took 150 hours of craftsmanship involving 37 steps, the special case took 314 individual sheets of prepreg carbon fibre. The cutting-edge technology includes an automatic solid-state thermodynamic cooling cell—normally found in orbiting satellites—together with 14 high-end fans circulating cool air within the case.

La Bouteille Noire sits upon an illuminated red base, which is a nod to La Voiture Noire’s taillights. The case opens and closes at the push of a stainless-steel button—bathed in a gentle blue light. The doors themselves are trimmed with a piece of laser-cut aluminum, mimicking the central fin of the Type 57SC Atlantic. As the doors gently unfold, another automatic system releases the neck of the bottle, which is secured while closed.

Fine Havana Brown grain leather lines the interior—just as it does in La Voiture Noire—which is gently illuminated by aluminum-encased LED lights, creating a theatrical display that rightly places the bottle, and its contents, at the fore.

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