Manhart CR 700 Wagon is a tribute to V8-powered Mercedes-AMG C 63 estate


As you probably might be aware, Mercedes’ AMG division has already taken the electrification path with a plug-in hybrid model and an all-electric model which debuted a couple of months ago. Which means, moving forward, there’s gonna be more of this so-called downsizing. In other words, the models in the lower-end of the Mercedes lineup—the various C-Class models—might no longer get a V8. Instead, there’s gonna be a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor to bring the output to V8 levels. Mercedes-AMG’s E Performance drivetrain strategy suggests that the 4.0L V8 will be reserved for higher-end performance models such as the two-door GT models and its four-door siblings. Which also explains why the W206 C-Class models haven’t yet got a V8.

Which is why German tuner Manhart decided to create sort of a tribute version of the W205 C 63 Estate. On the exterior, the CR 700 Wagon gets Manhart-typical styling touches—combined with 20-inch double-spoke matt black rims with gold-colored rim pinstriping. The rims are wrapped with high-performance tires measuring 255/30 at the front and 275/30 at the rear. Brakes remain stock, while the buyers can opt for H&R adjustable springs.

Powertrain modifications include carbon intake, upgraded intercooler, upgraded turbochargers, and of course, ECU remapping, resulting in 524 kW (712 metric hp) and 920 Nm (679 lb-ft) of torque. Manhart claims 100 km/h to 200 km/h (62-124 mph) sprint time of 5.5 seconds.

The AMG exhaust system can be optionally combined with Manhart sport downpipes with 200-cell catalytic converters.

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