Land Rover Defender Convertible shows up in customization market


Once upon a time, these “Coupe-SUVs” were a niche segment, but now every manufacturer has at least one such product. The same was expected with the SUV-Convertibles/Cabriolets but it is not even a niche segment now; there are barely any options. There are a few SUVs with manually removable tops such as Wrangler, BroncoGMC Hummer EV, and Thar (in India), but if you want something with an electrically foldable roof, the only option at present is the VW T-Roc Cabriolet. In the used market, you can also probably get an Evoque Convertible. That’s right! Many people seem to have forgotten the Evoque Convertible which had a short stint from 2017 to 2018, and JLR didn’t bother to offer the second-gen model, for obvious reasons.

Which is probably why a Dutch company named Heritage Customs is offering an SUV-Convertible; no, not the Evoque, but the one based on the second-gen Defender 90.

The company plans to build only five units of the so-called Defender Convertible, with each unit priced at €84,700. All five units come with a soft-top and will be offered in a choice of three color themes: Solihull Sand with green exterior paint paired with beige roof, and 20-inch white wheels; Côte d’Azur with blue exterior paint paired with brown roof, and 22-inch wheels with white-walled tyres; and Kokkini Paralia with dark matt red exterior paint paired with black roof, and 22-inch wheels.

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