Lingotto building’s Casa 500 gets a FIATCafé500

FIAT Café 500 at Casa 500_2

The famous Lingotto building in Turin (Italy), which was completed in 1923, once housed Fiat’s manufacturing facility. But that’s not what it became famous for; it had a test track on its rooftop! While the building now serves as the administrative HQ of the manufacturer, it still retains that historical rooftop test track, albeit with some modifications for the modern era.

The rooftop has been converted into a garden and the test track has got a new name called ‘La Pista 500’. And as the name suggests, the 1.2 km (0.7 mi) track is now exclusive for test driving the all-electric 500 (Fiat New 500). On the same Lingotto building, there’s an art gallery named Pinacoteca Agnelli, featuring a ship-like steel structure on the top. And on the fourth floor of the Pinacoteca Agnelli, there’s the Casa 500, a museum dedicated to the brand’s icon, the 500.

The Casa 500 has now been modified to accommodate a new ‘FIATCafé500’, where you can enjoy your favorite beverage next to a wooden model of the original 500, overlooking the La Pista 500. The La Pista 500 apparently has more than 40,000 plants deriving from over 300 different native species. Fiat is also planning an ‘E-Drive School’ on the rooftop.

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