Fiat Fastback coupe-SUV revealed for Brazil


Fiat is adding a new coupe-SUV to its Brazilian portfolio; it’s literally called the ‘Fastback’, because you know, why not? I mean, it’s not necessary that every single thing needs to have a name. But anyway, we only have its exterior styling to take a look at the moment.

Speaking of which, as you can probably guess, the Fastback is, well, a fastback version of the Pulse SUV that went on sale in Brazil a year ago. But it’s not just the fastback side of the things that are different; the front fascia also looks different compared with the Pulse, thanks to a different grille design, the bumper, and positioning of the fog lights as well. The taillights in the Fastback are totally different compared with those of the Pulse. Also, notice that it’s only the rear door upper frame that slopes down quite aggressively and not the roofline itself, so hopefully, you don’t lose a lot of headroom at the back.

As mentioned, we don’t have full information at the moment, but you can expect the rest of the things to be the same as those of the Pulse, including the powertrain options.

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