Skoda Vision 7S concept debuts with a clean design & new logo


By 2030, Skoda aims to achieve a share of over 70% of all-electric car sales in Europe, and as part of those plans, three new all-electric models will join the Skoda portfolio by 2026. And one of those is gonna be a 7-seater family crossover based on the Vision 7S concept we’re seeing here.

According to Skoda, the Vision 7S concept is actually a preview of the brand’s new design language that’s gonna be introduced with the upcoming new electric vehicles. But of course, the production 7S is gonna be the first one to sport this new design language plus new Skoda branding (new Logo). Skoda calls the front fascia ‘Tech-Deck Face’, which apparently is a modern interpretation of the traditional Skoda radiator grille. The new grille is flatter and wider, with its ribs replaced by dark glass that covers the car’s sensors.

At the lower end, you’ll find 7 vertical air intakes for the radiator and brakes, with the middle one being some kind of an orange control element that apparently is for safely disconnecting the car’s high-voltage circuit. The running lights and vertical headlights form T-shapes, and the same is replicated on the rear fascia.

Speaking of the rear, the integrated roof spoiler comes with finlets that create a valley in the middle for better airflow. On the side, notice that the flush door handles are also vertical. And just above the side skirts, there are air outlets to extract hot air from the battery pack. Another highlight of the Vision 7S is that it is the first Skoda to be painted in a matt finish with a color called Explorer Green. The rather large 22-inch rims are fully covered for aerodynamic reasons.

For those interested to know the dimensions, the 7S concept measures 5,016 mm long, 1,940 mm wide and 1,888 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 3,075 mm. Those numbers suggest that the production 7S is gonna be significantly larger than the Kodiaq.

The rear doors are rear-hinged, at least here in the concept, and thanks to that generous wheelbase, there’s no shortage of space inside, at least for the first two rows. In fact, the concept offers two modes: at a press of a button, the configuration can be switched from Drive mode to Relax mode. In the latter, the dashboard and the seats literally relax, plus the 14.6-inch touchscreen rotates to landscape orientation. The Relax mode is useful when parked doing nothing or while charging, for example.

Other key highlights on the inside include an 8.8-inch Virtual Cockpit, an augmented-reality head-up display, and a steering wheel (a yoke, really) with a touchpad on the lower spoke for controlling some functions when the car is stationary. Another special feature is an integrated child seat in the centre console—which extends into the second row of seats. The front occupants can monitor the smallest passenger via a camera. The door panels incorporate interactive surfaces with colored lights shining through the fabric. For example, a bright orange light guides you to the inner door handle hidden in the lower part of the door panel. A blue or red light visualizes AC temperature change. Also, the front and rear doors are fitted with additional crystal lights that guide passengers when getting in, or warn of an approaching car or cyclist with a red light when opening the door.

Being a futuristic electric car means, of course, there has to be a talk about sustainability when it comes to materials used. The flooring and boot contain material made of recycled tyres. The upper part of the dashboard is finished in dark faux leather while the lower parts are trimmed in lighter artificial leather that echoes the exterior body color. The fabric used in the interior, for example for the middle part of the seats, the door panels or the dashboard, is made from recycled polyester yarns.

On paper, the Vision 7S concept packs a 89 kWh battery pack that should theoretically offer a WLTP range of over 600 km (373 mi) per charge. The battery pack can be recharged with up to 200 kW. Horsepower and torque figures are not available just yet, but let’s wait for the production version.

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