Bentley Batur begins real-world testing


The Batur will undergo 120 individual tests over a 58-week development program.

In August this year, Bentley told us all that the ‘Batur’ is not only the name of a lake in Indonesia but also the name of a new iteration of the Continental GT. But it’s not gonna be called the Bentley Continental GT Batur; it’s simply the Bentley Batur. Just to remind, Bentley is building only 18 units for the entire planet, with deliveries commencing in mid-2023. In the meantime, the Batur car #0 is out on the public roads for real-world testing. The 2,500 km (1,553 mi) test route started in Germany and goes through Italy, France and Spain before high-speed testing at various proving grounds.

The Batur car #0 is finished in ‘Purple Sector’, complemented by high gloss natural fibre front splitters, side skirts and a rear diffuser. The front grille is finished in Gloss Dark Titanium, accented with contrast chevrons in a horizontal ombré pattern that flows from Purple Sector in the centre and gradually darkens to the sides to Black Crystal. The “endless bonnet” line is finished in Satin Titanium paint, as are the 22-inch wheels—with the spokes in Gloss and Satin Black Crystal to match the grille.

If you look carefully, the Batur car #0 has small white arrowheads at the edges of the body panels, which are actually markers to understand the panel movement and any relaxation/flexing while the car is undertaking durability testing. In simple terms, the customer cars will not have these testing markers.

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