Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition revealed for mystery owners


Remember the Bugatti Baby II? And also the Bugatti Mistral? Well, Bugatti and The Little Car Company have now revealed the Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition—exclusively available for Mistral owners (order holders, of course). The Baby II Carbon Edition follows the exterior and interior detailing of the Mistral.

Visible carbon elements grace the horseshoe grille, dashboard and mirror mount, while the bespoke black wood steering wheel is finished with a carbon center. A series of painted black components add an intricate depth to the visual finish of the Carbon Edition. The spare wheel, spare wheel bracket and straps have all been removed to save (or, shave, if you prefer) some more weight. As an option, the owners can honor Bugatti’s home country with a hand-painted French flag on the side of the vehicle.

The adjustable pedals are machined from solid aluminum billet, while the fuel pump handle has been exactly reproduced, but in this iteration, it serves as the forward, neutral and reverse selector.

Price? Does it really matter to any of us? Well, okay, it is €80,000 plus taxes and shipping.

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