Mercedes-EQ dedicated EV showroom opens in Japan


That’s right, Mercedes-Benz (or the Mercedes-EQ division, if you prefer) now has enough electric vehicles to set up a dedicated EV showroom. But it’s not in Germany though; it happens to be in Yokohama city—which is not too far from the Japanese capital Tokyo. The Mercedes-EQ Yokohama is currently the world’s first showroom dedicated to Mercedes-EQ electric vehicles.

If you’ve been to any of the Mercedes outlets in the world, the Mercedes-EQ Yokohama is not gonna feel any different except that you only get to see electric vehicles here. Other than that, it’s a typical, familiar vibe. The lineup in the showroom includes models ranging from the entry-level EQA all the way to the flagship EQS (both sedan and SUV, of course).

There’s comfortable space for up to 7 cars in the showroom; however, you probably won’t get to see the EQV minivan here. The 1,221 m2 facility includes three charging ports (including one fast-charger), one V2H port, and five service bays. There are plans to install solar panel-powered charging ports in the coming days.

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